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The diploma of German Real Estate Academy (DIA - Deutsche Immobilien Akademie an der Albert - Ludwig - Universität Freiburg GmbH) is in compliance with the requirements of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) on real estate appraisal.

Therefore, I work according to the regulations concerning the appointment and conduct of experts on real estate, rent and lease (German “Sachverständigenordnung SVO”)

This means that my appraisal reports are

• independent
• conscientious
• unbiased

according to § 8 SVO.

Consequently, duties of particular relevance are:

• Personal task
my personal task is to effect appraisal reports. If necessary, I carefully choose and supervise assistants in order to prepare reports (§ 9 SVO). If assistants are involved, this will be marked accordingly in the appraisal report (§11 SVO).

• Duty to record and storage
my appraisal reports are recorded and stored for at least 10 years (§ 13 SVO).

• Disclaimer and liability insurance
a disclaimer for intent and gross negligence does not exist. Experts dispose of a sufficient liability insurance (§ 14 SVO).

• Duty of discretion
knowledge, gained due to my work, is subject to discretion and will not be used to serve my interest or the interests of third persons (§ 15 SVO).

• Duty of continuing education and exchange of experiences
in order to permanently update my knowledge and experiences, regular, continuing education and exchange of knowledge are of particular importance for me (§ 16 SVO)